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Foundation "Torrent-Guasp"





Under Patronage of: Family Torrent-Guasp (ESP)

President of the Foundation: Prof. Sir Donald N. Ross (UK)

Director of the International Scientific Council: Dr. Mladen J. Kocica (SER)



May 2005



Foundation Torrent-Guasp was constituted in Liverpool, on May 2005, during the International Symposium: "The New Concepts of Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology: The Torch of Francisco Torrent-Guasp", Royal Liverpool Children's NHS Trust, Alder Hey Hospital.


The mission of the Foundation is to cherish the memory of Francisco Torrent-Guasp's scientific and humanitarian spirit.


The activities of the Foundation would include:

  • Seminars in Heart Structure and Function - Educational courses which would cover Torrent-Guasp's work. Seminars, led by Faculty of specialists from different areas, would offer a wide scope on the importance of heart structure and function to the participants, as relevant for their clinical practice. Seminars would be CME credited and included in the educational agenda of mayor pertinent Societies. Courses would be held in Denia, at the House of Torrent-Guasp, which would adopt the status of Foundation's Main Office with Museum and Lecture Hall.

  • Annual Workshop in Heart Structure and Function - These international meetings would gather different scientists from a field to expose and confront their views on this topic. Each meeting should be covered with "Proceedings booklet", possibly in a form of Supplement to one of the leading Journals. Meetings should be held in Denia, at the House of Torrent-Guasp.

  • Francisco Torrent-Guasp research grant - Grants should be awarded to the investigators engaged in further development of the Helical Ventricular Myocardial Band concept. Grants should be awarded upon Scientific Council decision and the grantee would be obliged to expose his research on the Annual Workshop in Heart Structure and Function.

  • Torrent-Guasp Foudation Research Projects - Foundation would initiate, coordinate and participate in multidisciplinary scientific research projects, dealing with heart structure and function.

  • Francisco Torrent-Guasp Scientific Legacy - Legacy should include Torrent-Guasp's models (anatomical and functional), specimens, drawings, library and other copyrighted objects. Torrent-Guasp's unfinished research projects, as his intellectual property, would be also part of this legacy and under Foundation's governing.

Currently, Foudation Torrent-Guasp is going through legislative proceedings and pending financial agreements and support.


Contact details:



La Plana, 63
03700 DENIA (Alicante)
Tel: +34 (96) 578 1927
Fax: +34 (96) 578 3082

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