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“Because the clear demonstration of the existence of the helical ventricular myocardial band and how it allows a structure of the heart to be configured in such a special way, undoubtedly will have a towering importance and would certainly be the equivalent, but actually, surpass by far the establishment of the circulatory system by William Harvey. I say that without denying the historical importance of Harvey, but mostly because it has been a long period in which we did not have gigantic advances in understanding of the heart function, which could translate into mayor changes of the paradigms of treatment in surgery as well as in our medical treatment. I think that this band is really going to fulfill that, in addition to opening a number of important questions, that should promote basic research of great significance.”

Dr. Cecil H. Coghlan, MD,
Professor of Medicine
Department of the Cardiology,
UC of Alabama Medical,
Birmingham, AL, USA

“I think that the importance of this theory and these findings, in terms of research and treatment in the future, is probably not really known at the present time. It is such dramatic change from the understanding of the heart’s physiology, both electrophysiology and functional physiology, that we can almost go back and start repeating the experiments of the last 50 years and now with this new knowledge in place, and see how we interpret some of those experiments now.”

Dr. James L. Cox, MD,
Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery,
Washington UC School of Medicine,
Saint Louis, MO, USA

“I believe that this concept of the normal anatomy of the heart and how normality is changed by pathology, allows us to go back to normality. And if that is correct, I think that the information that Dr Torrent-Guasp has given us, has allowed us to begin to deal with heart failure in a purely geometric way that restores the natural spiral formation. I believe we’ve been so far quite correct. I think we are on right track that this information will help us deal with the biggest health hazard in the world which is the congestive heart failure.”

Dr.Gerald D. Buckberg, MD,
Professor of Surgery,
Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery,
David Geffen School of Medicine,
UCLA Medical Center,
Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Interviews with the scientists and other important aspects of the "Torrent-Guasp's Heart" are available on 37-minute educational DVD: "The Helical Heart" (International Freddie Award Winner For 2005).

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